Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is MERA® structured?

MERA® is a community of independent medical and laboratory equipment service providers that accomplishes nationwide service for its clients.  All client service work is managed and administered through MERA®’s ISO-certified national call center in Wisconsin.

Are MERA® technicians direct MERA® employees?

MERA® is not a company, so the answer is no. As a community, each MERA®-approved technician is employed by local MERA® Members (MERAffiliates) in the network.

What is MERA®’s service area?

MERA® provides 90 service locations across the US and Canada and approximately 330 technicians at these locations. It serves the 50 US States and Puerto Rico, plus 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories.

How do technicians get trained?

Technicians are hired with the requisite electronic and computer training from universities, technical schools or military education (with real-world experience). Field Service training to professionally support your customers is provided by the local MERA offices.

Product training, required by a client to service its devices, is typically accomplished using one or more of the following models:

  • Manufacturer/ OEM training (identical to manufacturer’s direct employee training).
  • MERA’s national training event (MERAcademy) in which clients train MERA technicians from requested and designated geographies, often in multiple classes.
  • Regional field training, targeted to each client’s specific service needs and often at a customer site.
  • Online/webinar training.

How do I begin using MERA®?

After contract signature, each client is integrated into MERA® via an onboarding conference call. Client-specific service protocols are established to set service requirements/expectations and ensure MERA® fits within the client’s existing service model.

How does MERA® routinely work with clients?

Clients send service calls to MERA®, which are then dispatched to the closest trained technician. Service events are centrally monitored/reported and each client is kept up to date from call dispatch to call completion.


MERAids – Benefit From Our Experience!

40 years of client partnerships has given MERA® tremendous experience, and that knowledge delivers tremendous value. Portions of that experience can be found in our MERAids (white papers designed to benefit our clients), which are as follows:

M1 – The MERA® Service Planning Guide

M2 – How to Calculate the TRUE Cost of Your In-House Service Department

M3 – What Your Buyers Want in Full Support Equipment Service

M4 – The MERA® Depot Service Evaluation Guide

M5 – 99 Reasons to Outsource Equipment Service

M6 – Improving Both Your Bottom Line & Competitive Position by Outsourcing

To receive any (or all) MERAids please send an email request using a company e-mail address and signature or fax MERA® on company letterhead to 715-925-1079.

Dependable Service Everywhere® from MERA® increases your support options.