What is MERA®?

In 1973, MERA® started as twelve independent medical equipment maintenance firms who wanted to share technical expertise and resources. Today, MERA® is an ISO-certified group of 50 companies with more than 90 offices and 330+ field service technicians throughout the United States and Canada. MERA® is the largest, most experienced provider of independent medical and laboratory equipment service in the world.</br>
MERA® meets manufacturer’s service needs by delivering flexible, dependable hybrid and stand-alone service customized to your individual requirements. We do not have “typical” clients as MERA clients include start-ups and small companies, medium-sized companies, as well as very large corporations that have a stable, mature service function. Additionally, MERA® services a wide array of instruments ranging from simple lab equipment to complex diagnostic systems incorporating robotic, pneumatic, electronic, and hydraulic technologies. Service is our business and it’s our only business.

MERA® – Dependable Service Everywhere®.

About MERA®

  1. MERA® Relationships

    42% of our clients have been with MERA for over 10 years. This means we build long-term partnerships with our clients, and supports each client’s success through leveraged mutual collaboration. History has proven MERA® meets each client’s specific needs and our working together helps successfully grow their business. MERA®’s commitment to you is integral in each relationship and is delivered through a client-focused service model that includes customizable touch points throughout the service delivery process.

    MERA® is ISO certified and has 40+ years of experience delivering successful service outcomes. We support our more than 100 clients from our 90 North American service centers, by deploying 330+ field service technicians to provide the following benefits:

    • Wider geographic coverage, dependable local service, and an improved local image.
    • Consistent high quality service.
    • No fixed outlays for salaries, benefits, workers, and/or unemployment compensation.
    • The cost of regional, district, and area managers is reduced and/or eliminated.
    • No capital expenditures for standard tooling, test equipment, and vehicles.

    MERA® has learned that successful service partnerships are more than an event, but a process of listening to our clients and consistently meeting their needs – one successful service event at a time.

    Dependable Service Everywhere® is foundational to each successful Client – MERA® Relationship.
  2. MERA® Characteristics

    MERA® exists to serve, and we have effectively supported clients for more than 40 years. Specific
    reasons for our success are outlined as follows:

    •  Flexible – Whether by geographic coverage area, modality, model, service activity, or some combination thereof, MERA® is flexible and fits within our clients’ existing service processes.
    • Scalable – there are no MERA® contract minimums; larger or smaller, we fit the scale and scope of each client’s need.
    • Professional – service is MERA®’s only business and our purpose is to provide our clients professional, dependable service everywhere.
    • Dependable – time-tested and reliable, our clients and their end users depend on MERA® everyday.

    MERA® wants to be each client’s trusted service partner. As new clients use MERA® they learn what our current clientele already knows: we are a responsive, focused partner, and MERA® provides dependable
    service everywhere®.

  3. The Local MERAffiliate

    MERA® is an exclusive association of independent medical and laboratory repair companies. Membership is by invitation only. MERAffiliates must meet and maintain rigorous quality standards demanded by MERA®’s ISO system to retain their membership and have the required resources to locally support MERA® clients (manpower, tools and test equipment, technical knowledge, etc.). These exceptional small businesses typically share the following characteristics:

    • Have been in business for over 15 years.
    • Have at least 15 years’ experience in the maintenance and repair of a wide array of medical and
      laboratory equipment.
    • Employ full-time technicians who average over 8 years field service experience each.
    • Have a fully equipped service center in its main office.
    • Respond by phone in 2 hours or less, and on-site in 24 hours or less 24/7/365.
    • Support a service radius of 250 miles (or more) depending on need.
    • Have a verified local reputation for financial stability, integrity, quality of work, and technical expertise.
    • Provide MERA® manufacturers with local, dependable service.
    • Have a demonstrated commitment to continued training and education.
    • Are backed by the experience and resources of the MERAlliance.


    For all of these reasons, and many more, MERAffiliates deliver MERA® clients Dependable Service Everywhere®.

Our Mission & Philosophy

  • The MERA Mission: Continually strive for perfection and the highest levels of quality in its services, as defined by customer requirements.
  • The MERA Business Philosophy: Equipment service is MERA’s ONLY focus. MERA does not manufacture or rebuild, nor does MERA sell used equipment. MERA is always your service partner, never your service competitor and never takes control of your customer. This is the MERAdvantage.


  • Professional service processes, management, and technicians.

  • ISO-Certified Quality System.

  • Consistent performance, dependable service.


  • Correct documentation.

  • Less than 1% repeat call rate.

  • Trained, vetted, dependable technicians.


  • Fee-per-use field service.

  • Customized local, regional, or national service that fits within existing service models.

  • Scalable, no-minimum service partner that flexes to meet your changing service demands.

MilestonesHistory of MERA®


Formation of MERA®.


First centrally managed National Contract.


For the first time, MERA® performs 1,500 annual service calls for a single client.


MERA adds the MERA® Technical Support Center (phone triage and depot service support).


MERA® performs its first 20,000 unit field upgrade.


MERA® becomes the first national independent field service organization to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification.


MERA® gains ISO 9001:2008 certification.


MERA® celebrates its 40th year of providing dependable service everywhere.