42% of MERA clients have been with us over 10 years. MERA clients range from start-ups and small
companies, to medium-sized companies, as well as very large corporations that have a stable, mature
service function. We want long-term partnerships with each client, and to support each client’s success
through mutual trust, support and cooperation. Experience has taught MERA® that as we meet each
client’s specific needs and help grow your business, the resulting success benefits everyone. MERA®’s
commitment to you is a core value in each relationship and is delivered through a client-focused service
model that includes customizable touch points throughout the service delivery process.
MERA® is ISO certified and has 40+ years of experience delivering successful service outcomes. We
support our more than 100 clients from over 90 North American service centers by deploying 330+ field
service technicians to provide the following benefits:

  • Wider geographic coverage, dependable local service, and an improved local image
  • Consistently high service quality.
  • No fixed outlays for salaries, benefits, workers, and/or unemployment compensation.
  • The cost of regional, district, and area managers is reduced and/or eliminated.
  • No capital expenditures for standard tooling, test equipment, and vehicles.MERA® has learned that successful service partnerships are a process of listening to our clients and
    consistently meeting their needs – one service event at a time.
Dependable Service Everywhere® is the foundation of each successful Client – MERA® Relationship.