MERA® Client Benefits

MERA’s only business is service, and we look to support each client’s sales effort by being a consistent, dependable partner.

Specific benefits we deliver include the following:

Increased Geographical Coverage with 90 field service locations servicing North America resulting in improved on-site response time and reduced travel costs.

Increased Reliability with a service recall rate of less than 1% resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Increased Service Flexibility from MERA®’s hybrid programs delivers high quality, cost effective service
to your customers.

Increased Technical Bandwidth  through MERA®’s 330+ skilled, experienced, field service technicians that are available 24/7/365.

Increased Cost Savings through reduced or eliminated management, personnel, technology, tooling, and infrastructure cost.

Increased Profit to the Bottom Line through a flexible workforce that delivers 100% productivity and lowers headcount.

Dependable Service Everywhere® from MERA® increases your support options and flexibility.