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Welcome to MERA® – the Gold Standard for –

SOLUTIONS to Medical and Laboratory Equipment
Maintenance and Repair PROBLEMS

For over 30 years MERA has helped manufacturers and their customers find cost-effective SOLUTIONS TO EQUIPMENT SERVICE PROBLEMS.

If you're an equipment manufacturer with service needs or problems, you want a supplier who will provide solutions that best support your products and sales efforts.

In this site are solutions that have made MERA the value-added choice for manufacturers, e.g.:

Problem: You need to expand field service into more geographic areas.


Problem: You want a service organization with broad capabilities and relevant experience.


  • For our facility and equipment experience, click here.
  • For our field service capabilities, click here.
  • For our depot service capabilities, click here.

Problem: You need assurance/validation of service performance and quality.


  • For our ISO 9001:2008 Certification and Quality Management System, click here.
  • For our manufacturer-specific communication, scheduling, and tracking systems, click here.

Problem: You want a supplier with adequate resources and exemplary support.


Problem: You want to objectively determine whether outsourcing service is right for you.


  • For our service planning aids, click here and request MERAids M1, M2, and M6.

We derive 100% of our revenue from partnering with medical and scientific equipment manufacturers, to maintain, repair, install, retrofit, and upgrade their products.

If you are an equipment buyer/user and you need third-party service, we will refer you to the MERAffiliate service company in your area. For information, click here.

Click on the MERA Site Map above for the most efficient way to get the SOLUTIONS you want TODAY, for the QUALITY SERVICE your equipment deserves TOMORROW.

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